The Foundation

Jean-Claude Badoux

President of the Bois Chamblard Foundation

The Bois Chamblard Foundation was established on 28 February 2000. Its headquarters are in Buchillon, former home of Charles-Erico Nicola, a Dutch physicist who was fascinated by nature and the protection of the natural environment. He left his fortune and his property “Les Bois Chamblard” to the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.

The Bois Chamblard Fondation aims to encourage fundamental and applied research in the field of engineering activity related to the preservation of the biosphere and its resources.

The governing board of the Foundation consists of five members, including the President of the EPFL.

Laurent Vulliet

Professor, EPFL

Francis-Luc Perret

Professor, EPFL

Kristin Becker van Slooten

Senior Scientist, EPFL